Brian Puckett

Brian Puckett

About me


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CFL1)

Why I chose Functional Fitness: I was looking for something that would help improve my overall fitness, strength and conditioning while also directly being applicable to bettering my performance on the job. I wanted to be able to lift more, go further, move faster, and endure longer on the job for my team and for the public I serve.

What interested you in becoming a trainer?
In order to effectively train someone, you have to be thoroughly sound and knowledgeable in that topic area. By instructing others I’ve gained a better understanding of the movements and techniques. And in doing so I’ve not only been able to be a resource for others but also in I’ve become a better athlete myself.
What motivates you?
I’m motivated by always striving to do better and pushing myself to always improve at what I’m doing. There is always something you could be doing better and it’s important to keep looking for ways to improve.
What are goals that you have realized through CrossFit? 
I’ve been able to greatly improve my strength and conditioning well beyond what I thought possible through the traditional weight and cardio training regimens.  I’ve lost weight and gained muscle, but most importantly I’ve improved performance on the job and in life. The specific metrics of lifting certain body weight percentages or running distances in certain times are all important to track progress but to me the real accomplishments are the intangible performance improvements I’ve found on the job and in life.
What do you hope in accomplishing as a trainer for others?
I hope to motivate and encourage others to dig deep, keep moving and work towards their fitness potential.

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